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Yo. I’m Jeffrey Kranz

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a marketer, speaker, writer, and a co-founder of Overthink Group. I like grey skies, mammals, and wise decisions.

I quit my job to start an agency

After a brief six years as a marketing employee, I realized I could make a lot more money if I were self-employed. So I started a marketing agency with this lady, and I could also hire my favorite people and live wherever I wanted. You know, so long as I kept the money coming in.

The first year of the business was a success. I made a decent amount of money—in fact, I made about as much in 2016 as I made in my whole career between college and starting an agency.

That feels really, really, really good.

So maybe I’m an entrepreneurial Übermensch. Or maybe I have a really strong streak of beginner’s luck. Nah. My guess is that I’m somewhere in between.

The bottom line is that starting my own business was a key to making my life a lot better, and I want to help more high-performing creative folks do the same.

I’m not special, and I can prove it

My edge isn’t that I’m the best marketer. Or that I’m the most savvy networker. I’m definitely not the best at writing, sales, or design in the pack.

But what I am really, really good at is thinking systematically and making stuff learnable.

I landed my clients because I had a reputation for boiling complex concepts down into ideas that anyone could own. I was like the Robin Hood of copywriting: I could steal ideas from the “rich” and make them available to anyone.

But it didn’t stop there. I also had a rep for being a force for order in a world of chaos. Everywhere I went, I built systems that cut through the hubbub of day-to-day operations and made it easy to get more done, and better.

That’s really good news for you, dear reader

Because while the agency is chugging along, I can only pay attention to so many clients at a time.

And I could spend all my time hogging clients to myself and growing a massive team to serve them, but that’s not so much my style.

I’d rather help the most talented people in the workforce start their own agencies and earn the kind of money they deserve.

That means that if you are:

  • A creative juggernaut …
  • A conscientious worker …
  • The kind of person who’s always getting pats on the back, but never the promotion …

I’m here to help you start an agency, make more money, and start feeling valued for what you can really do.

A little bit about who I am

I run a digital strategy agency with a handful of my favorite humans,.

I live in a cool town in a cool state. Bellingham, Washington is statistically the least-sunny city in the US, and I love it. I consider the sun my private enemy #1.

Seem a little extreme? Well, you’ve seen pictures of me. Next to me, everything else tans in comparison. It burned me once and I’ve never been able to trust it since. Screw you, Sun.

On that note: let’s get the hair out of the way. Yes, it’s red. No, I’m not offended if you call me a ginger. But I’m also not impressed by jokes concerning late-night TV hosts, Harry Potter characters, or lack of pneumatic capacity.

I work from home. Laura and I run our business remotely: this is where we make the donuts.

And if you’re into personality stuff:

  • I’m an ENTJerk (which I’ll write about someday). I know, I know: Myers-Briggs is totally not science.
  • I’m the Inspirational type on the DiSC. I like to get things done, and love motivating people to get more things done.
  • I’m a full-stack StrengthsFinder: my top five strengths span all four categories.  They are: Individualization, Strategic, Achiever, Competition, and Ideation.

The big question: how’d I start such a successful agency?

There’s a good chance you got here because you heard I made $300,000 in billings within the first 6 months of launching my agency. (And that’s on a shoestring budget of pretty much zero seed money.)

Want to know how I did it?

I’d love to share it with you. But that’s a different story . . .