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Yo. I’m Jeffrey Kranz

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a marketer, speaker, writer, and a co-founder of Overthink Group. I like grey skies, mammals, and wise decisions.

I do fun things

I run a content strategy agency with a handful of my favorite humans,.

I live in Seattle, and I love it.

If you’re into personality stuff:

  • I’m an ENTJerk (which I’ll write about someday). I know, I know: Myers-Briggs is totally not science.
  • I’m the Inspirational type on the DiSC. I like to get things done, and love motivating people to get more things done.
  • I’m a full-stack StrengthsFinder: my top five strengths span all four categories.  They are: Individualization, Strategic, Achiever, Competition, and Ideation.